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napc_versionGet the version of libnapc.
napc_getFullVersionGet the full version of libnapc.
napc_putsPrint a string to console/serial.
napc_putcPrint a character to console/serial.
napc_printfPrint a printf()-like formatted string.
napc_muteDisable console/serial output.
napc_unmuteEnable console/serial output.
napc_getTimeSinceBootGet time since boot.
napc_delayDelay program execution.
napc_delayUsDelay program execution.
napc_snprintfFormat printf()-like string.
napc_vsnprintfFormat printf()-like string.
napc_strncpyCopy a string.
napc_strlenGet length of string.
napc_streqlCompare two strings.
napc_streqliCompare two strings.
napc_memeqlCompare two memory regions.
napc_mzeroZero out memory region.
napc_getUptimeGet uptime in seconds.
napc_getFreeMemoryGet free memory.
napc_getRandomBitSourcesGet source ids for randomness.